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12 March 2020
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Smarter, easier, more accessible - the PackEx B2B Portal

The term "app" inevitably brings to mind smartphones, Google Play and Apple's AppStore. Apps (from the English "application") are small, executable programmes that fulfil a more or less useful function, but are not relevant for the respective system.

However, our portal is the heart of PackEx - so we have decided to dispense with the term "app" in future and rename the system "portal". At the same time, some new features have been added. Our portal is not dependent on a smartphone operating system, but works just as well on Windows PCs or Mac devices as it does on Android or iOS. No download is necessary, but all functionalities are available browser-based.

This is new

In addition to a significantly simplified registration process and an intuitive user interface, the biggest innovation is the print data manager. This makes it possible to upload print data or print designs to the individually configured packaging product even before the order has been placed and thus to check them for correctness. The product is thus complete and can be ordered in the desired quantities at any time with just a few clicks.

PackEx is continuously working on new features for the portal to make configuring and managing folding boxes even easier in the future - so you can look forward to it!

The PackEx B2B Portal
The PackEx B2B Portal

About the PackEx Portal

The PackEx portal is a practical tool for configuring and ordering your personal folding box - easily and conveniently, from anywhere in the world and around the clock. Choose from different products and closure types, upload your design or artwork and have your folding box delivered in just a few days. All created packaging is stored in our virtual warehouse and can be retrieved at any time. This eliminates the need for a large warehouse and makes the disposal of surplus packaging a thing of the past.

The protection of your data is particularly important to us, which is why the PackEx Cloud is hosted at a certified German data centre. In addition, as a Trusted Cloud provider, we comply with the strict guidelines of the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

PackEx - SO goes packaging today!

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