Our labels. Product labeling can be this flexible.

Perfect for labeling all your products. Individual formats, all windings and common materials in the PackEx portal.
Labels on roll


Our individually printable labels on roll are the perfect solution to label your product and thus easily apply product information such as ingredients to your product. Due to our freely selectable dimensions and the individual printing, there are no limits and your product shines in your personal corporate design.

Thanks to modern production methods, no wishes are left unfulfilled when it comes to material and quantity.


The PackEx advantages

PackEx provides you with all the materials you need for your product from a single source! Configure your labels, the matching folding box and even the shipping carton in our online portal. Everything will be delivered within 10 working days and you can start right away.

From quantity 1

PackEx is your specialist for individual packaging and packaging aids in small series.

Custom printable

Upload your individual print data directly in the portal.

Winding freely selectable

Choose the orientation of your labels on the roll in the configurator.

Sustainable packaging

Future Packaging for a future world

PackEx is sustainable! Thanks to our sophisticated production process, we save up to 87% raw material and around 1500 tons of Co². Our cloud-based warehouse eliminates unnecessary packaging waste and our customized shipping via parcel service provider saves a lot of repackaging and unnecessary travel.

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Custom printed labels in small batches

With our labels, you add value to your product and ensure a uniform corporate design for all your products. Due to the standardized roll cores, the labels are machine-compatible and with the selection of the winding, you can perfectly match them to your existing machine.

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What our partners say

PackEx Reference Elimba


"The broadcast in the "Höhle der Löwen" (Lion's Den) brought us attention that we simply could not attend to. PackEx helped us in this emergency situation and quickly came to our aid."

PackEx Reference TimePartner


"The cooperation with PackEx was very good. Very fast. Very reliable. And easy on the environment to boot."

PackEx Reference Vevox


"All in all, we can say that it would have been very difficult for us to display this speed of response without PackEx, which many of our customers have greatly appreciated."