Our materials - An overview

PackEx stands for speed, short runs and sustainability. That's why all our materials are made from renewable raw materials and FSC® certified (FSC® C106855). In doing so, we want to do our part to maintain healthy and sustainable forest management.

What we also stand for are individual packaging solutions. That's why we offer five different types of cardboard, some of which have very different properties. With the right material, you can optimally emphasise the characteristics of your product and stand out even more at the point of sale. With the sustainable carton types from PackEx, you also show your customers that you care about the environment.

Looking for the perfect substrate for your product? You'll find it here.

The illustrations below show the front at the top left and the back at the bottom right:


The material, consisting of GZ cellulose cardboard, lives up to its name: With its 2-fold coated front side (uncoated reverse side), it is not only our whitest, but also the highest quality substrate in our range. The maximum degree of whiteness results in a very good contrast in the printed image. This gives your product an extremely high-quality touch.

Excellent for:


Our GC1 chromo board is a classic in the packaging industry and therefore very variable. It consists of a pure virgin fibre material with a double-coated front and single-coated back. Like all our board types, it also comes from sustainable forestry and is FSC® certified.
Due to its white surface, it is suitable for almost every design and the entire colour spectrum.

Optimal for: 

  • All types of products, such as care products, confectionery, etc., can be bought in the shop. 


The special feature of the GC2 chromo board is its high stability and stiffness. The colour of the material is rather natural, or beige. This substrate offers high quality at a good price.

Perfect for:

  • Medium to heavy products 
  • Technical products 
  • Pharmaceutical products


May we introduce? The Environmental Champion - The most sustainable material(GD2)that PackEx has to offer. The multi-coated front is white or cream, while the back is the typical grey of recycled material. Your customers will see that you care about the environment.

Ideal as: 

  • Beverage packaging
  • Healthcare, cosmeticsand personal care products


Last but not least: our uncoated UC chromo replacement board. It gives your packaging an inimitable, naturally rough feel. This not only makes it look simple, elegant and above all sustainable, but also feels high-quality and special.

Very suitable for:  

  • Cosmeticand healthcare products 
  • Food supplements and lifestyle products

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