How it works

In 5 steps to the perfect folding box

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    Virtual warehouse

    Goodbye storage costs

    All folding boxes are stored virtually and can be delivered to the place of use within 72 hours.

  • 02

    Intelligent printing

    For brilliant colour quality

    Packex's automatically controlled printing process also reproduces special colours.

  • 03

    Laser Cutting

    Faster and more precise than punching:

    The high-power laser from PackEx enables optimum further processing of your folding boxes.

  • 04

    100% quality assurance

    Human error excluded

    High-speed cameras ensure seamless quality control at the gluing line.

  • 05

    Without truck pallet

    Fast, safe, stable:

    The delivery of your folding box is carried out precisely via parcel service providers.


Configure and order product

The PackEx portal for PC and mobile devices gives you the opportunity to configure and order folding boxes at will - easily and conveniently. With the filter function you can directly display your relevant products. The new shopping cart function allows you to order multiple products and services in one order. Save on different design variants with the same dimensions with the user-friendly variant function. Do you need support with your print data creation or do you want to add Braille to your folding box? All our services are now available on our portal, including prices - for maximum transparency.

A special feature is the cloud-based warehouse, which you can find under "My products": All created products and orders are stored digitally and can be retrieved and reordered at any time.


To the PackEx portal


Automated printing

The intelligent PackEx workflow controls offset or digital printing on a job-specific and fully automated basis - ensuring the optimum printing process for your folding carton at all times. A special highlight is our 7-color mode according to Pantone 7 Plus Series, which even makes complicated spot colors possible.

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High-power laser

High-power laser

Conventional cutting dies are expensive to develop, complex to manufacture and inflexible to use. PackEx's powerful laser is completely different: the system is not only immediately ready for use and maximally adaptable, but also particularly environmentally friendly as it does not require any tools.

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Video Based assurance

Video-based quality

The condition of a product's packaging is an important criterion in the purchase decision. Even the smallest defects can lead consumers to choose a different product. This makes precise quality assurance during the production phase all the more important. At PackEx, high-speed cameras ensure 100 % seamless monitoring and immediately sort out defective models.

Smart Package Delivery

Smart parcel shipping

To protect the environment and shorten delivery times, we do not ship orders on truck pallets, but exclusively via parcel service providers. The shipping packaging for your goods is manufactured to fit perfectly and offers optimal protection at all times.

7 colour printing

The future of printing: our 7-colour printing system

True spot colours are the ultimate in printing on folding boxes and impress with their excellent quality. But they also have disadvantages: Their use is associated with high costs and takes a lot of time.

PackEx therefore uses the Pantone 7 Plus Series 7-color mode to implement spot colors. By combining the classic CMYK model with the colors orange, green and violet, even elaborate designs can be realized quickly, cost-effectively and in outstanding quality.

A real world first: the PackEx high-power laser

Welcome to the future: Our unique high-power laser is the result of many years of research and development work and was designed specifically for the needs of folding carton production. It offers numerous advantages over conventional off-the-shelf punching tools.

Maximum precision

The PackEx high-power laser enables cuts, contours and micro-perforations with millimetre precision - no matter how complex the requirements.

Significant time and cost savings

No lead times, no tooling or set-up costs: the PackEx laser produces faster and cheaper than any punch.

More sustainability

We produce collective print sheets, i.e. combine different products on one print sheet. This reduces waste, saves resources and protects the environment.

Perfect machine runability

The process guarantees 100% machine runnability for further processing of your packaging materials. Together with the Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V., we have developed the Good Creasability measurement method to ensure concrete compliance with the restoring forces during laser cutting.

We are experts for folding boxes. And your industry.

Every industry has different requirements for product packaging. So it's good to have a partner on your side who knows the ropes. A partner like PackEx: We have the expertise and the technologies to produce first-class folding cartons for any industry. Especially yours. Any questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us directly.