Personalized Christmas packaging for employees and customers
Goodbye to boring packaging! Personalize now
October 28, 2022
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Goodbye to boring gift boxes! Now customize Christmas boxes with names

Every year, many companies are faced with the question: What Christmas presents should I surprise customers and employees with? After all, they should be appropriate for the occasion and meet the taste of the recipient. Small gifts from friends, family or even business partners are much more enjoyable than the ones you buy yourself. And who does not know it? Individually and lovingly packaged, the unpacking makes all the more joy. But don't worry, we take care of the wow effect with the packaging.

You take care of the content - we do the packaging 

But which gifts can you use to score points as an employer? Are you still looking for suitable ideas?
Gifts with delicacies such as honey, jam or chocolate appeal to business partners and employees with several senses and provide enjoyable moments. They can then enjoy these in the company of their loved ones, ideally with the giver always in mind.
But we also have the ideal packaging for a good wine or sparkling wine - in our sturdy bottle box with personalized design, a good drop is in particularly good hands.

What you ultimately choose is of secondary importance. Convince with a combination of content and packaging - for a special unboxing experience. With PackEx you can now add a personal touch to your gifts.

Personalized bottle packaging for customers and employees