PackEx Laser Gold Line
August 13, 2022
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Flexible and sustainable thanks to laser technology

Instead of expensive and inflexible punching, PackEx uses a powerful and highly precise laser for cutting, creasing and grooving. This process is not only faster and cheaper, but also much more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The use of die-cutting tools is commonplace in folding carton production, but it brings with it a number of disadvantages: long lead times, sometimes complex logistical processes, high fixed costs and low flexibility. Of course, all of this also has an impact on the environment, because waste and CO2 emissions are produced during the production and transport of the punches.

PackEx has taken on these problems and developed an innovative solution. Instead of conventional punching tools, a state-of-the-art laser is used in our factory in Worms, which takes over the cutting, creasing and grooving with millimetre precision and little effort. This solution, which is unique in the folding carton industry, was developed in cooperation with LasX from Minnesota, USA - a specialist in the field of laser technology and supplier to Tesla and other renowned tech companies.


Two extremely precise laser heads cut and groove the printed sheets from the reverse side. A golden yellow line can be seen on the inside, the so-called "gold line" - the PackEx trademark. Seen from the outside, the boxes have no conspicuous features and appear very clean and high-quality, as the otherwise typical bulge on the outside of the folding box caused by material displacement of the die-cutting tools is avoided. The laser enables cuts and contours that are accurate to the millimetre.

PackEx Gold Line Laser
The PackEx Gold line stands for sustainability

By using the laser and the resulting elimination of regular die-cutting tools, PackEx customers can react much faster and more flexibly to market conditions and bring their products to market in high-quality packaging in just a few days. A practical example of how a fast time-to-market affects a business model can be read here.

More information about the innovative PackEx production process can be found here.