Personalized folding box

Personalized seasonal Folding boxes

Give your customers a sweet treat, packaged in your your corporate design with seasonal garb. Whether for Christmas, Easter or anniversaries: With PackEx you can package your promotional products in personalized folding boxes - from a minimum of 1 run.

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When you need to go fast...

.. .PackEx is the partner at your side. We know that in the world of promotional items, some implementations have to go fast. Whether it's a slipcase, bottle packaging or cardboard box , PackEx can produce and deliver quickly and economically. This not only enhances your own product, it also expands your ownbusiness model.
You can choose between express shipping (delivery within 3 working days), priority shipping (delivery within 6 working days) and economy shipping (delivery within 10 working days).


Box with window

PackEx makes the difference!

Personalized, fast and cheaper than others for short runs? You're right to ask how we do it. The answer: PackEx works without tools. What does that mean? PackEx doesn't need time-consuming, expensive and CO2-producing die-cutting tools to cut out the folding boxes. With the help of our ingenious laser technology, we produce flexibly, quickly and in an environmentallymore environmentally friendly.
Individual viewing windows are also possible.

The PackEx advantages

Once configured, products can be stored in the PackEx portal in your cloud-based warehouse under "My Products" and ordered on-demand with just a few clicks - with our express service even in just 72 hours!

Tool-less manufacturing

Our laser makes punching tools and the associated fixed costs obsolete.


Delivered in 72 hours

Use our express service when there is not much time

From quantity 1

PackEx is your specialist for individual folding boxes in small series.