How It Works

The perfect folding box in 5 steps

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    Goodbye storage costs

    All folding boxes are stored in a virtual warehouse and can be delivered to any location within 72 hours.

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    For a brilliant color quality

    The intelligent PackEx workflow ensures the best printing quality and is sustainable at the same time.

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    Laser Cutting

    Faster and more precisely than pressing:

    The high-performance laser from PackEx ensures an optimal further processing of your folding boxes.

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    Human mistakes are impossible

    Highspeed-cameras guarantee a consistently quality check at the glue line.

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    Fast, secure, stable:

    The despatch packaging is manufactured to measurement and will be delivered safely with parcel services.

Create product and order

Create product and order

The PackEx portal for PC and mobile devices gives you the possibility to configure and order packaging materials at will – easily and comfortably, 24 hours a day, from everywhere around the world. The virtual warehouse is a special feature: All created folding boxes and orders are saved digitally and can be accessed again at any time if needed.

PackEx portal

Automated Printing

Automated printing

The intelligent PackEx workflow controls offset or digital printing in an order-specific and fully automated way; this way, the perfect printing process is always ensured for your packaging materials. The 7 colour mode according to the Pantone 7 Plus Series is a special highlight which makes even complicated special colours possible.

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High-Performance Laser

High-performance laser

Conventional punching/stamping tools are expensive to develop, complex to manufacture and inflexible in their application. The high-performance PackEx laser is a whole different story: The system is not only immediately ready for operation and very highly adaptable, but also especially environmentally friendly, since it does not require any tools.

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Video Based assurance

Video-based quality assurance

The condition of the packaging is an important criterion when it comes to the purchase decision. Even the smallest flaws can lead consumers to choose a different product. Exact quality assurance during the production phase is therefore all the more important. At PackEx, high-speed cameras ensure 100 % seamless monitoring and sort out flawed models straight away.

Smart Package Delivery

Smart package delivery

To reduce environmental impact and reduce delivery times we deliver orders not on truck pallets, but exclusively with package delivery service providers. The despatch packaging for your merchandise is manufactured to measurement and always offers optimal protection.

7 colour printing

The future of printing: our 7 colour printing system

Real special colours are the pick of the crop when it comes to printing folding boxes and convince with their excellent quality. But there are also drawbacks: Their application involves high costs and takes up a lot of time.

This is why PackEx uses the 7-colour-mode in accordance with the Pantone 7 Plus Series to realise special colours. By combining the classic CMYK-model with the colours orange, green and violet, even complicated designs can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and in astounding quality.

A real world innovation: the PackEx high-performance laser

Welcome to the future: Our unique high-performance laser is the result of many years of research and development work and was designed especially to meet the requirements of folding box production. It offers a wide range of advantages compared to conventional off-the-peg punching/stamping tools.

Maximum precision

The PackEx high-performance laser enables cuts with millimetre precision, contours and micro perforations – no matter how complex the requirements are.

Clear time and costs savings

No lead times, no tool or setup costs: The PackEx laser produces faster and cheaper than any punching/stamping machine.

More sustainability

We produce combined print sheets, which means that we put different products together on one print sheet. This way we reduce waste, save resources and protect the environment.

Perfect machinability

The procedure guarantees 100 % machinability for further processing your packaging materials. For this purpose, we developed the measurement method Good Creasability

We are experts when it comes to folding boxes. And your industry.

Every industry has different requirements for packaging materials. It comes in handy to have a partner at your side, which is well informed. A partner like PackEx: We have the expertise and technologies to produce top-class folding boxes for literally every industry. Especially yours.


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