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Digital working at PackEx
23 April 2020
Reading time: 5 minutes

The future is now - Digital working at PackEx

Digital transformation has been an important topic for companies for many years. So important, in fact, that many large, long-established corporations have their own department for it, which deals with nothing but the digitalisation of corporate processes.

While email as the main means of communication and the use of the internet can be taken for granted on a large scale today, many companies are still struggling to keep up with the constantly advancing digitalisation and innovation in the technological field. Cloud-based services, apps and digital sales channels, for example, are still far from being standard everywhere.

Home Office "thanks" to Corona

According to a survey by the Stepstone job exchange, around 70 per cent of all white collar employees (i.e. employees in the office environment or in administration) state that they can theoretically work from home. However, there is often a lack of the corresponding corporate culture and the confidence of those in charge in the new technologies. Therefore, only every third respondent assumes that his or her company would be able to create competitive advantages through the use of digital technologies.

But especially in times of Corona, many companies have no choice but to rely on home office workplaces, web video conferencing and file sharing providers - forced to do so, because operations usually cannot be maintained any other way.

PackEx employees in the home office
Working from a home office works - if it is properly organised

Well equipped for the future

At PackEx, too, work is being done from the home office as far as possible in this crisis situation. However, this was also partly the case before, because the entire business model is designed for digital working and the use of innovative technologies and software solutions.
Tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout or Skype for communicating with each other or with external partners, Wrike for planning tasks or Personio as a platform for all HR matters have always been part of everyday work at PackEx. Enthusiasm for technology and innovation are firmly anchored in the company's DNA and the standardisation and automation of work processes using the latest technologies is constantly being driven forward at PackEx.

Even if many employees state in conversation that in times of Corona they miss the personal contact with colleagues and face-to-face communication, the joint lunch or the occasional after-work beer, one thing has nevertheless become clear, especially in the current crisis situation: The uncompromising focus on digital technologies and innovative strength was exactly the right way to go.

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