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22 April 2021
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What's the right bottom type for my folding box?

The folding box from PackEx - the classic in our range - has many faces. And that doesn't mean the design or the dimensions. 

What many consumers only notice on closer inspection can make a big difference for your company and product: The bottom type, or in other words: the closure type of your folding box.


Whether inserted, hooked or glued, every product can be perfectly nested. In addition to the weight of your product, the intended manual or mechanical further processing and filling also play a role. PackEx has all common base types in its portfolio:

Folding box with alternate/opposite tuck-in closures

The folding box with alternating or opposite tuck-in closures is a real all-rounder. Perfectly suited for cosmetics and healthcare products, this bottom type does not require any gluing and is complete with two dust flaps and one tuck-in flap per side. The only difference between alternate and opposite tuck-in closures is that in the 1st version the top tuck-in flap is tucked in towards the back and the one on the bottom is tucked in towards the front, and in the 2nd version the top and bottom are tucked in in the same direction. They are both reclosable and therefore perfect for many types of products.

Folding box with automatic bottom

Your product is a bit heavier and could possibly break with the classic folding box? No problem! Cans, vials and tubes of any size are ideally nested with our automatic base. Quickly configured in our intuitive PackEx portal, ordered and delivered to you, this type of base also makes assembly easier: Thanks to the folded and glued flaps, the base closes automatically when erected.

Folding box with insertable bottom

The push-in bottom is also ideal for medium to heavy products, whereby the interlocking push-in flaps ensure a firm closure. The relevant difference with this variant is that this type of bottom does not require any gluing at all and can therefore be easily resealed as a low-cost alternative with excellent stability. 

Folding box with flap closures

The fourth and last type of closure is the flap closure. This is characterised by gluing with glue. The advantage of this is that the contents are stored safely, protected against theft and opening is immediately obvious - especially interesting for pharmaceutical products.

Our sample box to help you decide

Of course, it's not easy to make a decision with all this choice. But we are happy to help: simply order our sample box in a cool design with different floor types and then decide which is the ideal partner for your product.

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