23 July 2020
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React quickly to current situations - with PackEx

It is the year 2020 and Germany has just come through the first COVID-19 wave. While the virus is still raging in North and South America and the number of infections is still rising in some places, here in Germany it seems as if the pandemic has been brought under control to some extent (for the time being).
Nevertheless, the usual daily routine is and remains restricted. In addition to the usual protective measures - washing hands regularly and thoroughly, avoiding crowds and using disinfectants - the mouth-nose protection masks in particular are considered to be useful protection against infection with the pathogen.
In the metropolises of Asia, the white masks have been a familiar sight on the streets for decades, but for Europe and Germany they are still an unfamiliar sight, at least in public. Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the products have been in high demand and, at least at the beginning of the pandemic, were difficult to obtain both in the relevant online shops and in DIY shops and other retail outlets.

PackEx Vevox Respirators
With a face mask in the home office

Respirators from the professionals

The company Vevox, manufacturer of respiratory protection masks with protection level FFP2 also reported a drastic increase in demand at this time. Although the masks were originally intended to protect craftsmen and factory workers from fine dust and toxic fumes, more and more customers from home and abroad are using the product to protect themselves from viruses. Medium-sized and large companies are also already stocking up on the high-quality respiratory protection.

The young e-commerce company reacted immediately to the rush: While the masks were previously only available in packs of 5 or 10, the Cologne-based company decided to sell the stock as individual masks with immediate effect - but this urgently required new packaging. This is how Vevox came to PackEx, because thanks to the extremely fast and flexible production and the possibility to produce folding boxes in individual sizes, the masks could be sold without much delay.

"We are very satisfied with the delivery time and especially with the quality of the packaging. Our packaging service provider also informed us that the boxes were delivered in such a way that they could be folded very quickly and precisely, which actually saved us a little more time and money. It is also worth mentioning that PackEx customer service in particular helped us in this special case in a friendly, quick and competent way with the creation of the print data, which often takes much longer with other packaging manufacturers and would have been more difficult and, above all, less digital. All in all, we can say that it would have been very difficult for us to achieve this speed of response without PackEx, which many of our customers have greatly appreciated. We will therefore certainly work with PackEx more often now to be able to pack more products quickly, accurately and with high quality."

Anno Skriver, Co-Founder of Vevox, about the cooperation with PackEx