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What is a combined form?

This refers to a printing form on which various elements are laid out in order to make use of the print sheet format as efficiently as possible.

How does PackEx manage to produce more sustainably than other producers?

Innovative manufacturing technologies are the main reason why our resource consumption ends up being lower than that of other folding box producers. Additionally, we are able to avoid excess quantities and drastically reduce waste, thanks to our digitalised and automated workflow. Last but not least, we deliver all packaging materials in a customized way via package delivery service providers: These are not only faster and more flexible than trucks, but also significantly more environmentally friendly.

What about delivery the delivery period? Can you guarantee me an exact delivery date?

The delivery period starts with receipt of the order confirmation.

Unforeseen, unavoidable events for which we are not responsible (e.g. breakdowns due to force majeure, difficulties with material or energy procurement and delays in transit) prolong the delivery period for the length of the disturbance and its consequences. This also applies if the disturbances occur at our upstream suppliers or during an on-going delay. If the obstruction is not of a temporary nature, you are of course entitled to withdraw.

Can I make subsequent changes?

Cancellations can be carried out within 1 hour after order receipt. After your order has been confirmed it is then binding.

What do I do if my printing data is not in PDF format?

In this case, you can have your data processed at an extra charge via our in-house media service. Please send us a message for this purpose to customer@packex.com – together we will find the perfect solution for you!

What data format and resolution does my printing data have to have?

To ensure an optimal printing result, we work exclusively with PDF.

Our PackEx portal provides you with the appropriate design template. PLEASE NOTE: Layers must always be separated (artwork, dieline, free of varnish, comments) and special colours must always be embedded as special colours.

The perfect resolution is 300 dpi (not interpolated), the upper limit is 600 dpi. Barcode scans should be set at 600 to 1200 dpi. Please try to avoid images from the internet: These often exhibit low resolutions and are also mostly created in RGB format.

Can I upload my own designs?

Of course. With the PackEx portal you can easily upload your drafts. As soon as we have received your draft, we check if it is feasible or needs to be modified.

What kind of design options does PackEx offer?

An infinite amount – and they’re growing by the day.

What is the PackEx portal?

The PackEx portal is a free PC, tablet or smartphone application. Once you have registered, you will be able to configure folding boxes around the clock, place orders and manage your complete portfolio in a virtual warehouse. In addition, you have the possibility to add new users to your account and give them individual authorisations.

Why does PackEx work with laser?

One of the greatest drawbacks to traditional small series production is its complexity: A special punching/stamping tool has to be developed for every folding box design – an incredibly labour-intensive process, which can take up to 5 weeks. In our opinion, such timescales are not acceptable any more in this day and age, never mind the resulting costs. With our laser, we kill two birds with one stone: The system not only adapts flexibly to the respective specifications, but is also ready to operate without lead times and requires almost no setup costs.

The result tells its own tale: Contours, cuts, micro perforations – everything with millimetre precision and 100 % machine processible for further processing of your packagings.

How can I order folding boxes from PackEx?

Very simply, using our handy PackEx portal. In exceptional cases, you can however contact us by telephone or via email. Payments for the ordered packaging materials can only be carried out by invoice, as its stands, but other payment options are already on the horizon.

What is digitalised and automated workflow?

At PackEx, every production step from creating the product in our PackEx Portal, up to delivery of the articles, is registered digitally and controlled fully automatically. All (manufacturing) systems are connected to each other and pass on manufacturing orders independently to the next process instance. This procedure not only increases productivity and quality, but also provides significant time-savings and guarantees comprehensive transparency. At the same time, costs and error rates sink, since our employees do not have to manually carry out tasks like tender preparation or quality control any more.

Why is PackEx based in Worms?

The city of the Nibelung saga is in the direct vicinity of all important transport hubs in Germany. This ensures that our products arrive fast and safely at their destination.

Who does PackEx work for?

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and extensive experience, we are able to supply companies of every size and all industries with high-grade folding boxes.

What is special about PackEx?

We are the first folding box producer on the market with a fully digitalised and automated business model covering all process steps. This means we can produce packaging materials at high speed, excellent quality and at prices far below the current market level. And all that applies from the first production run.

Who is PackEx?

PackEx is your express packaging expert: We are number one when it comes to folding boxes in small and minimum quantities (1 to 5,000 units) in the Ger/Aut/Swiss region.
Our service portfolio is unprecedented and technically revolutionary.

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