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Boxes for Christmas
Original Christmas gifts with personality for customers and employees
16 September 2021
Reading time: 2 minutes

Original gifts with personality for customers and employees

Every year, many entrepreneurs ask themselves the question: What Christmas presents should I give my customers and employees? After all, they should be appropriate for the occasion and meet the taste of the recipient.

Small gifts from friends, family or even business partners are much more enjoyable than those you buy yourself. And who doesn't know it? Individually packaged with love makes unwrapping all the more enjoyable. This can be a clear advantage when it comes to customer loyalty and team building .  

Only half as beautiful without individual packaging

But which gifts can you use to score points as an employer? Are you still looking for suitable ideas?
Gifts consisting of delicacies such as honey, jam or wine appeal to your business partners with several senses and provide pleasurable moments. They can then enjoy these in the company of their loved ones, ideally always keeping the giver in mind.

But mugs or coffee-to-go cups with a company logo also promote team spirit. These have the advantage that they can be used many times.

What you ultimately choose is of secondary importance. What is important is that your gift has a personal touch. Because exclusivity and individuality mean appreciation. And this already starts with the packaging, because this is the first physical contact the recipient has with your chosen gift.   

A look in the design of the brand is just as convincing as the content

As experts for individualised Folding boxes in small print runs, we would be happy to support you.
Whether it's with a picture of your team, your corporate design or even each individual employee's name - you've come to the right place. Since Christmas gifts to employees and customers can't just be handed over at Christmas, but usually several days or weeks in advance, the thinking has to start some time beforehand. So try your hand today in our Portal or contact us for personalised wishes. 

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