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Sustainable packaging with PackEx
7 November 2019
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Sustainable with Packex

Sustainability is becoming more and more a central issue in society. Manufacturing companies must also play their part and respond to this. Because our resources are becoming increasingly scarce, they produce their goods and products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. But have you ever wondered about their packaging? We at PackEx do this every day.

And therefore provide you with the right answers.

If packed, then sustainable

The best packaging is no packaging! True - from an ecological point of view. From a product perspective, it often looks different. Doing without packaging is often not feasible. Because many industries have to package their goods. Be it for hygienic reasons, for example in medicine and cosmetics, or to protect them from damage. Zero Waste" is therefore preceded by "Less Waste".
The alternative to the "unpackaged" trend is: if packaged, then sustainable. And ideally, the packaging is produced in a way that conserves resources.

For companies in the packaging industry, sustainability primarily means using fewer resources than is currently the case. You should use renewable resources, use biodegradable raw materials and produce less polluting material. Cardboard materials are a good alternative to plastic packaging made from fossil raw materials. However, sustainability in the packaging industry also means reducing the amount of wear and surplus. To be truly sustainable, different approaches need to be taken into account. PackEx shows you how this works.

Packex lives sustainability

At PackEx, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. By reducing waste, conserving resources and reducing emissions, we make a significant contribution to the sustainability of your company. Our concept is based on two pillars: demand-oriented procurement through small series and resource-saving production.
For you and your company, this means on the one hand: You order the exact quantity of packaging. This ensures that there are no excess quantities that you have to dispose of.
On the other hand, we produce your orders in a resource-saving way by processing customer orders together. We also use the latest production technologies.

From theory to practice: how we put our environmental thinking into practice

  • Our automated order processing processes combine our customers' orders. This allows them to be produced on collective sheets.
  • Cutting and creasing is done by laser. This makes punching tools superfluous.
  • Thanks to 7-colour mode, there is no longer any need to purchase expensive special colours. Because with our innovative process, special colours can be produced easily and cost-effectively.
  • Our packaging materials are shipped in cardboard boxes that fit the individual order. In this way, we avoid shipping by truck on Euro pallets. In this way, we reduce the shipping weight and thus save on emissions.
Savings of up to 1,389 tons of CO2 per year, thanks to demand-based procurement through small series and the resso

Plus point folding box

According to a recent study by the FFI and Pro Carton associations, folding cartons also have an impact on consumer behaviour. They see carton packaging such as folding boxes as sustainable and environmentally conscious alternatives to conventional packaging.
Especially with organic products, folding cartons increase the willingness to buy. According to the survey, consumers perceive organic products as better, of higher quality, more credible or more sustainable when they are packaged in folding cartons. 75 percent of the consumers stated that the environmental impact of packaging influences their purchase decisions. The conclusion of the studies shows: consumers would pay more for environmentally friendly packaging.
So the right packaging also influences the external impact of the product. Imagine that both the material and the packaging itself are produced sustainably. Thanks to the resource-saving production process, PackEx enables you to achieve the latter.

Did you already know: We are BMU-funded

Our groundbreaking idea to produce packaging materials in small runs is worthy of inclusion in the environmental innovation programme of the BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety). The ministry is funding the digital business idea with around 1.6 million euros. This is the first time that the large-scale application of a resource-saving technology has been honoured. We are convinced that our business model raises the state of the art to a new level. Moreover, with our digital strategy we also demonstrate that high-tech is not in contradiction to environmental protection and a prudent use of limited resources.

By the way: Did you know that...

... just under half of German consumers told the consultancy Accenturethat they would be willing to spend more money on sustainable products.
In the "Consumer Chemicals Survey", 6,000 consumers worldwide were asked about their buying and consumption habits. Among them were 500 consumers from Germany.

... quality (93 percent) and price (86 percent) continue to be central factors in the purchasing decisions of German consumers.
For example, 70 percent of respondents from Germany said they buy more environmentally friendly products today than they did five years ago.

... companies should bear responsibility for the environment.
According to the study, the respondents believe that companies in particular have a duty to act more sustainably. According to the study, 85 percent believe that it is important or extremely important for companies to design products so that they can be recycled.

For these reasons, we are convinced that sustainability pays off. Because sustainability with Packex pays off for you. Why?
It's simple:

  • Because we produce small quantities (1 to 5,000) for you, so there are no excess quantities.
  • Because we combine customer orders for you and our small series production is thus associated with a significantly reduced use of resources.
  • Because not only our PackEx portal, but our entire production workflow enables Packaging-on-Demand.
  • Because we have equipped our production facility with CO2-neutral machines and systems for you.
  • And because you benefit especially from our innovative production technologies such as the laser process, digital printing and the collective printing system.

Packex - in a nutshell: This is how you benefit the most

As you can see, environmentally friendly and resource-saving packaging is more than sensible. There are convincing reasons why you should rely on our innovative and resource-saving concept:

  • High standardisation in the production of packaging with the advantages of our digital production process offers completely new possibilities in your supply chain. Costly storage of repackaging becomes superfluous. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Your advantage: You always remain able to deliver, even with heavily fluctuating orders.
  • The short delivery time allows you a fast time to market.
  • Since no excess quantities are produced and the entire production process takes place with reduced resources, we increase environmental sustainability.
  • With our digital production, you can manufacture packaging materials individually and gain new possibilities for the product management and marketing of your company.

We only have this one world. That's why we do everything we can to make our production process even more resource-friendly.

Do you have questions about production? We will be happy to help you. Just get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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