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Packaging with a clear conscience.


The best packaging is no packaging - at least from an environmental perspective. But many products need packaging in order to reach the market at all. Legal, hygienic or safety-related reasons play a major role here. The packaging should be optimally adapted to the protection needs of the product. However, we at PackEx are of the opinion that if packaging is to be used, then it should be sustainable. With folding boxes made in Germany, produced from renewable raw materials.

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    Renewable raw materials

    As a manufacturer of folding boxes, we only use printed sheets made from renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry. Our substrates come from the EU and thus do not have to travel thousands of kilometres across the oceans. We also offer FSC® certification as a matter of course. Our recycled cardboard (GD2) is the most sustainable choice.

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    Laser Cut

    Gold Line

    The actual production of folding boxes at PackEx is also completely designed for sustainability and resource conservation. We do not use any die-cutting tools. Cutting and creasing is done by our state-of-the-art laser - clearly recognisable by the golden line on the inside.

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    Customised outer packaging

    Without truck pallet

    By the way, our products are shipped in a climate-friendly and CO2-saving way in customised outer packaging and via the regular parcel service providers. Oversized Euro pallets on specially hired forwarding trucks are thus a thing of the past.

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    Standardised processes

    7C Multicolour

    We reduce the burden on the environment through the latest technologies and standardised processes. Thanks to the virtual warehouse in our B2B portal, you only order as many folding boxes as you really need, thus avoiding the disposal of excess packaging waste. We offer special colours as standard and do not need to set up our machines.

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    PackEx Seal

    At a glance

    With your packaging, you define the external image of your company. With the PackEx seal on your packaging, you show your customers that you care about sustainability and the environment. PackEx folding boxes are the most environmentally friendly way to package your products. Talk to us about it before you place your order!

Folding boxes with FSC certificate
Federal Environment Ministry
Environment Innovation Programme

FSC® certification

PackEx naturally also offers FSC®-certified packaging. FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council® - a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable forestry and certifies materials accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in FSC® certification for your product packaging.

Sustainable folding boxes from resource-saving production at PackEx

Future Packaging for a future world

PackEx is sustainable! Thanks to our sophisticated production process, we save up to 87% raw material and around 1500 tonnes of Co². Our virtual warehouse avoids unnecessary packaging waste and our customised shipping by parcel service saves a lot of repackaging and unnecessary journeys.

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PackEx Laser Gold Line without die


Instead of expensive and inflexible punching, PackEx uses a powerful and highly precise laser for cutting, creasing and grooving - recognisable at first glance by the golden lines on the inside where a bead would otherwise be seen. This process is not only faster and cheaper, but also much more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Manufacturer for environmentally friendly packaging

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With our PackEx sustainability seal you show your customers that you care about the environment, sustainability and resource-saving production. For many consumers, this can be a decisive factor in buying.
Are you interested in upgrading your product packaging with our PackEx seal? Then simply leave us your e-mail address and/or telephone number - we will be happy to contact you for a complementary exchange!


What our partners say

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"The broadcast in the 'Höhle der Löwen' (Lion's Den) brought us attention that we simply could not attend to. PackEx helped us in this emergency situation and quickly came to our aid."

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"The cooperation with PackEx was very good. Very fast. Very reliable. And easy on the environment to boot."

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"All in all, we can say that it would have been very difficult for us to display this speed of response without PackEx, which many of our customers have greatly appreciated."

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