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25 November 2019
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PackEx agency directory implemented! Faster to the right packaging material

Worms, October 24, 2019 - High-quality packaging must meet a wide range of requirements. At best, product and packaging are perceived as a unit. As an innovative packaging start-up, PackEx provides valuable tips on what matters. 

High-quality packaging needs more than an appealing design. The brand specialist knows which criteria a professional packaging material must fulfil: In addition to the production of a qualitative print image with high colour reproduction, the haptics and the choice of the right construction are also decisive. Furthermore, the packaging must appropriately embody the respective product. Coherence is crucial. The look and feel as well as the brand identification must be given. After all, packaging is often the business card of a product brand. Also essential: the handling. First-class packaging should be easy to open and resealable.

Before the design comes the choice of the right packaging

Packaging materials such as folding boxes and banded slipcases are used in a wide variety of areas. They always have to adapt to the product. An important decision that companies have to make is therefore the choice of the right packaging. PackEx offers an extensive portfolio of different packaging materials for this purpose: Besides the classic folding box, this consists of pillow boxes and slipcases. By using a laser instead of a conventional punching tool, there are almost no limits to creative customer designs. Which box is used when depends on the product. "Companies have to ask themselves what the purpose of the packaging is," explains Marco Dembowski, Head of Brand Strategy & Experience at PackEx. And he continues: "In addition to practical benefits such as product protection, packaging must fulfil a significant marketing or informational purpose." The size and weight of the product are also decisive for choosing the right packaging.

Advice for every need

To guarantee customers the best possible advice for their outer packaging, PackEx has implemented an agency directory. Currently, this directory comprises more than 40 partner agencies covering different fields, in particular packaging consulting, packaging development or packaging design. "We are receiving more and more enquiries from these three fields," says Dembowski, describing the reason for implementing the directory. As we focus more on the demand-oriented procurement and professional production of packaging materials in the future, PackEx cooperates with agencies in the provision of accompanying services. "A real win-win situation," says Dembowski.

And this is how it works

The added value for the customer comes first. If they need advice, development, design or other services, they simply navigate to the PackEx agency directory and select one of the partners. To ensure quick access to the directory, it is linked to the PackEx website. The PackEx portal links to it. The contract is then created between the PackEx customer and the respective agency. The latter becomes the individual "caretaker" for the individual requirement.


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