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PackEx Sustainability Seal
3 March 2021
Reading time: 1 minutes

Have you seen it? The PackEx sustainability seal for your folding boxes

Your product packaging is sustainable and you want everyone to know that? Get our PackEx sustainability seal printed directly on your box when you place your order!

As we pointed out in last week's PackMag article, packaging has much more to offer than just its protective function. It is your product's calling card in the shop or online and should therefore convey your message directly to the customer.

The material makes THE difference

Our - and therefore your - folding boxes are easy to recycle and can be made from FSC-certified cardboard. In material production, the fibres are separated and these recovered fibres are used again to manufacture another product from paper or cardboard - the cycle is closed. We can say with a clear conscience: we only use cardboard for our folding boxes, which together with paper is actually the most recycled material in the EU. In 2016, according to Eurostat data, a full 85 percent was recycled. True to the motto: Do good and talk about it, we offer you the opportunity to show your customers that you care about environmental protection and sustainability with our free PackEx sustainability seal. By doing so, you are giving your customers the opportunity to help protect the environment and promote a resource-efficient economy. They certainly won't miss this opportunity. Have we convinced you? Then simply contact us by e-mail before placing your order!

PackEx Sustainable Folding Boxes

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